14 August 2011

A thousand and one thank yous to anyone who has been reading and, dare I say, enjoying these little entries. I'm afraid I have migrated over and betrayed the blogger.com cause and am now a rare species inhabiting the http://parmaham.wordpress.com/ environment and hope to see you there.

Thank you and have a lovely day.


26 July 2011

Righteous Drunk

Righteous drunk envelope your mind
To the paradox of your kind.
Rest your heart on the hostile pavement,
And scream the everlasting commandment.

A faint candle that can't be held,
With logic and death can't be geld,
Lightens up every step in mid-air,
It is neither evil, hopeless or fair.

Righteous drunk is clean as the life,
Cut with a tree, cut with a knife.
Cut a man from himself, all his deeds,
As new life buds out of ancient seeds.

Righteous drunk is safe as the way,
Made on rough storms, made on dead clay.
Made to change the highway of reason,
As choices transform every season.

Righteous drunk is legal as the truth,
Built to be crumbled, built to sooth.
Built to hold a soldiers gear in place,
As the drunk beholds a Godly face.

14 July 2011


A little breeze,

Can turn into a tempest.


This is me trying hard not to say that I've given up.
I'm afraid I can't really say it in any other way.
Henceforth, I will be posting poems on here,
But not as frequently (not every day) and 
Consequently hopefully of a higher quality.

Also, I shall be planning on adding other
Stuff on here. Maybe some film's that I make
And some other creative thingymabobs.
I'll nick some of the poems from the posts
Before this one and rewrite them if I think
They have potential but not fully done yet.

Thank you for anyone still reading these
And my sincerest apologies.

Yours truly,

Guy writing poems on the internet...

11 July 2011

Adam and Eve

There's always enough for a bluff.
Such stuff is not enough to keep me
From shooting dreary eyed gazes
At all the little fazes of life.
So find me a wife.


Save me from him.
He's stupid and dim.
He's nothing more
That a empty shore.
A river that runs
A river that shuns
My little heart.

The Day Afterwards

Doomsday has left the building.
We chant on our own little parade.
As all the burns get their healing
And all the shames begin to fade.

8 July 2011


Hear me roar!
I don't pretend.
See him soar
To the world's end.

Mirrors and Cream

Rake yourself up from the ground.
And don't make a sound.
Stop fooling yourself to dream
When it's all mirrors and cream.

6 July 2011


Be still my little feet.
Try to resist the beat
And let your soles eat
The inconclusive cheat
Of every neat beat.